As I appraoch the age of 50 I’ve seen a miriad of changes in the field of recruitment and the way employers and employment law have changed since I started out in the Employability Training sector back in 1996.

That first step into a whole new sector was to be something of a defining moment in both my life and future career. I like many others had the attitude of the long-term unemployed being work-shy, lazy and just expecting the Government to provide them with an income.

Whilst there were a number of people who could easily be described in that way I soon found that the vast majority didn’t actually enjoy that life of doing nothing. What they really lacked was confidence in themselves and the ability to market their skills and abilities properly in the employment market place.

After that fast learning curve I can happily say I haven’t looked back or wanted to change my career choice since then. Since 1996 I have worked within the Employability, Careers, Training and Recruitment field.

Over my career I’ve been directly responsible for helping almost 1000 people back into the employment market in positions where they could move on and build a long lasting career, and in excess of another 1000 people indirectly as part of the various teams of people I have worked with over the years in both the public and private sectors.

In 2005 I moved into another unkown and stepped out of the safety of the monthly wage and stepped into the world of self-emplyment. As one of my favourite ex bosses said to me at the time “as much as I want you to come back and work for me again, I know you well enough to know that you’ve made the right decission” he gave me some sound advice that I’ve never forgotten.

No matter what new challenges you face, no matter how many times you want to step back to the safety of the wage, just know that I know you can succeed in whatever you want to do. I’ve seen you develop from that new un-mouled raw talent to the rounded expert you’ve become. Take that ability to role with the punches (and they’ll be many) and keep pushing forwards even if you have to take the occasional step back – oh and always remeber POSITIVE outcomes mean you get paid, failure means you DON’T

Roger Cole MBE

It’s then that was born. As the name would suggest the aim of the CV writer was the writing of CV’s for private clients. That first step into the world of self-employment then sparked other passions I never knew I had. It was the first time I’d ever looked into the world of Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I started out on a very small budget which didn’t allow for the high costs of professional web development, so I embarked on a new mission to teach myself about the world of websites and website design. Another area I’ve continued with and continually developed my knowledge and skills base in the field since.

From those early days it was an entirely new world and a new way of working. As with most CV writing businesses you work from home, so one of the most important things to learn is to actually structure your days and plan what, when and how you are going to appraoch each day to avoid the dreaded pitfall of day time television distracting you from your goals and targets.

I was lucky enough to have gotten in on the ground floor of the CV wriitng market, looking at that market now it’s flooded with people all claiming the be the UK’s #1 CV writing company, and avenue I never wanted to go down.

However what a number of those businesses had failed to do was to keep an eye on the recruitment trends. Employers have gotten used to seeing professionally written CV’s and they have learned to spot them.

Now recruiters want to see what people are like in their own words, and the explosion in the Social Media and online world has allowed them to do just that. In 2017 I started to see a drop off in new business and started to look at how I could develop into new areas.

Over the years I’ve developed a number of bespoke training packages for employers making redundancies so I started looking at the potential of packaging those as a product to help people write their own CV’s in a more professional way.

Personal life issues (death of my father and personal illness) got in the way for almost two years which stifled both my abbility and enthusiasm. And then 2020 delivered the Corona Virus (Covid-19) which has changed the way everyone works with the obvious knock on effect of killing business almost over night.

Instead of giving in completly it gave me that push I needed to fianlly look at packaging those training materials into a structured package. And the Career Advice Guides where born.

It was during that time of no income coming in whilst working on the development of the guides that a whole new series of possibilities started to reveal themselves. If I could use my prior materials to develop a new product, why not use my other skills to develop other products?

This year during the Corona Virus downtime The Career Company is coming to life. I’ve come full circle and I am again starting on little to no bedget to travel a new path in my own development. Except that development has enabled me to look at the skills base I have developed over the years and turn those talents into potential new business areas.

Take a look over at The Career Company website to see the full range of services this new brand offers. Starting again feels like the first time around, the excitment of doing something the same but also new, taking new risks waiting for the new punches, rolling with them and driving myslelf and the brand forward.

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