Hello and welcome, I’ve worked within the Careers Advice, Recruitment and Training sectors for the past 25 years, based in Norwich, Norfolk since 2007. That experience has including working within the Public and Private Sector as well as owning and operating my own business. If you’d like to know about my working life feel free to head on over to the about page.

I’ve been designing websites (for business and personal use) since 2005 (self taught) and I am also a self taught SEO Consultant having worked within the SEO arena since starting to build websites in 2005.

There is no definitive reason for the existance of ShaunThomas.co.uk, it’s main purpose is as a testing platform for website design/development and SEO techniques in order to continually maintain and improve my knowledge base within the two fields.

As well as using the site as a test platform I’ll be posting articles related to my areas of expertise and interest. Take as much time as you like having a wonder around my cyber home and please feel free to Contact Me.

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